Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Turquoise and Red Coral

SL™ is not behaving muchly for me today so forgive the somewhat crazy looking pictures. Also the lateness of this post since it is about a Wednesday special release. It's Thursday of course, and I bet if we're really lucky it might even still be around for some of Friday (tomorrow). Just hurry and get it if shiny things are your cup of tea!

Remember that blog post about the necklace? Well you can still get it and it's matching counter parts as well. All for their luverly special price for a little while longer. The next installment of Atargatis' special Wednesday release is a pair of matching earrings and a beautiful belt. Good things for the not so finned but very pretty for us finned folk.

I do love belts. They can add just a little pizazz to a fin look.

Other Stuff:

skin: Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena
eyes and eye effect: FanFanFan! by fanfan Uriza
eyelashes: Kosh by Lynaja Bade
hair: mikan by Natsumikan Checchinato
nail polish: Sin Skins by Portia Sin
top, fin set and jewelry: Atargatis by Cheran Snook

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