Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gacha Gacha

I remember fun Cracker Jack prizes. Cereal surprises worth getting the box first to dig for. Not a lot of them mind you, cause then safety rules and regulations against putting toys in food got serious. I'm not that old. I did get regaled with elaborate stories I'm sure now must have been made up of some of those prizes from the "good old days" being records or rocket ships, things like that, and being totally amazed... I do remember the fun little plastic toys though and Gacha machines remind me of those fond memories.

They're kind of like those plastic bubble prize machines that stand guard in the back of grocery stores all over the place. The cheap but thrilling prizes promised to children everywhere by harried mothers just trying to get the grocery shopping done. "Just be good while I get the groceries and I'll give you a [insert correct amount here] for the machine."

Lucky for us in SL™ designers like Atargatis have some of these. For mere pocket change we too can try our luck for a lovely little prize.

Luck out I did! I am not overly fond of the color green. Let me rephrase that. I quite have a strong dislike of it. I fully expected this to be rewarded with a green gacha prize as I awaited while my 15 $L went through the machine and delivered it's surprise prize.

Joy! I got a black fin set!

Try your gacha gacha luck at Atargatis and see which prize you get. You have nine chances to win total for 15L $ a try. Eight of them, to win a fin set in red, green, yellow-green, blue, purple, pink, white or black. There is also a ninth chance to win a mer waist belt in shades of blue-violet.

Swim here:

the stuff worn:

skin: Mango, Mango! by Sileny Noel
ears: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop
eyes: by Miriel Enfield
eye effects: FanFanFan! by fanfan Uriza
hair & hat: Posh by Jeanie Valois
nails: Sin Skins by Portia Sin
Baby Tux: Fusion by Todd Borst
gacha Black Fin Set,
poses 1 and 3: Atargatis by Cheran Snook
eyelashes: Magika by Sabina Gully
pose 2: Poses for prose and poetry by Frigg Ragu

location Mystic:

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