Monday, July 13, 2009

Well for those of you that may follow my posts, sorry its taken forever for me to re post. If you know me at all, you know that I never sit still and make lists of things to do so long, they will never be done. The picture kind of shows the insanity I love.
At the moment I have taken a pause on making fins (although I have already taken out my sketch pad again), to work on the store. I am please to say it looks wonderful. It is a bit on the modern side, but who says we mer don't have style and a modern taste ;)
Although Atargatis IS a store, I invite everyone to just come over and have a swim in the water. I did not buy the land so people would just shop, but that we can come together and enjoy eachothers company and the environment around us. We do have shallow waters here, just think of it as the Caribbean lol. They are deep enough to enjoy and have plenty of coral reefs and animals. The land is broke up into 6 areas:
1. Atargatis the store: this is where all my creations of fins and animations can be found, we are also setting up stores that others can bring their creativity
2. Atargatis Diving: here you can explore a sunken ship and its treasures. Beware of sharks ;) Rene has a beautiful shop for divers here, with an assortment of tanks and gear to choose from. Under the store is a slow development of plants and fish that we are working on.
3. The Siren's Wail Tavern: this be the place for all ye who dare to party. Its a fun area for pirates, mermaids, and those who love to have a good time. Parties and fun going on here all the time!
4. Atargatis: this is an open water area full of plants, animals and fun. We will be trying to have more events for mermaid (and divers) in this area.
5. Atargatis Observatory: This has to be one of my favorite areas. There is a glass build that allows those with legs to watch, from the safety of glass, the underwater world. On land you can see seals (and selkies) enjoying the sun. Or sit back and enjoy an island drink as the cool ocean breeze passes by.
6. Atargatis Temple: here you can swim and enjoy the surroundings or set up a special event of your own, from weddings to a social gathering. Just contact Rene Wilder or Cheran Snook for details.
Ill submit photos of the areas soon, and I will try to post more here ;)