Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lovin'the NEW me!

Okay, you know that super thin and BIG bewbies are the "thing" in world. Of course all the fashions (finned and legged alike) are geared around that common look. I however got REALLY bored with the same ol' same ol' sooooooo I changed it up a bit and gave made myself a shape that has fuller curves but still allows most of the fashions in SL to look smashing on my new figure ;) Also I have to give props to LAQ for their most beautiful skin that I HAD to have and TRUTH hair that has become my newest addiction.

Anyway, YES, that's me. That is what my body looks like in world and I am oh so very happy. I will still be making my crazy fins to fit the "norm" in world, but all of my fins are easy to fit most shapes. Which FYI, for those of you who may have difficulty with the pant layer I use for my fins. If your shape is modify, 50 is the perfect hip placement for a "legged" fin. If you notice a gap, IM me, we'll figure out something ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A Frankenstein inspired fin I "pieced"this mermaid together. I am really a bit crazy when it comes to my fins. Based on the idea of Frankenstein, this mermaid was put together with the remains of a shark. Quite dead herself, she comes with a very cold Gothic skin complete with stitching, but there is also a undershirt layer that can be worn with ones own skin to give it that stitched together look. Not quite the thing for the faint of heart, but really a fun unusual interpretation for the scarier side of the water.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mami Wata

There is a upcoming hunt that I am participating in called Myths and Legends. I was excited to participate seeing that alot of the stories surrounding races get lost in the "coolness" of how they look. Being me I couldnt just do mermaids, I had to find an unusual specific one. I chose Mami Wata.

Mami Wata is a water-spirit, sometimes described as a mermaid figure, who can found throughout the western coastal regions and into central Africa. Mami Wata is described as having long dark hair, very fair skin and compelling eyes. Although she may appear to her devotees (in dreams and visions) as a beautiful mermaid, complete with tail, she is also said to walk the streets of modern African cities in the guise of a gorgeous but elusive woman. She is interested in all things contemporary: some of her favorite offerings include sweet, imported perfumes, sunglasses and Coca-Cola. Nonetheless, the spirit appears to be related to other water spirits (known in Igbo, a language of southeastern Nigeria, as ndi mmili) who have a much longer history on the continent. Mami Wata's colors are red and white. Those she afflicts with visions and temptations, and who experience her as an obsession or an illness, may wear the red of sickness and dangerous heat. Others who have a more positive orientation towards the spirit may show their blessings by wearing white. Most devotees wear a combination of red and white clothing. Mami Wata is also said to have a number of avatars on earth--mortal women who have the same look as the deity and who act as her "daughters." Mami Wata may give wealth to her devotees, her "daughters" or to her (male) spouses, but she is never known to give fertility. Some Igbo stories suggest that the fish under the waters are her children, and that she uses them as firewood.
Any skin looks great with this fin. Includes the fin, clothing, and all jewelry shown. Enjoy!