Thursday, June 3, 2010

Silver Jewelry

Aaaannnnd June is upon us all already! I missed last weeks' special release which was a luverly two person pose. Human and merrow striking a fun pose together. Cheran posted it in the previous post. *I know! GASP!!*

Swim fast and go get it!

I'm late with this Wednesday's (my excuse is evertime I try to blog I get distracted feeding the fishes here) as well but I bet 'cause Cheran is nice like that, it might still be available.

It is a very prettiful head piece that once again can be worn by finned and feeted alike. It's got a regal feel without being overly fussy. I think it might make a great design on top of a spear or staff as well *cough cough*. Especially something that can heal as the design reminds me of that serpent and wings image thingy on old fashioned pharmacies.

Go buy this Wednesday's special here:

Till next time!

skin: &Bean by Keiko Morigi
ears: Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop
eyelashes: Magicka
eyes & eye effect: FanFanFan! by fanfan Uriza
hair: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
silver headpiece, fin set, harp animation: Atargatis by Cheran Snook


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