Monday, June 7, 2010


Something that absolutely makes me happy as a shopper as well as feel appreciated for supporting my favorite designers are group gifts. I'm not a shop group hopper and generally stick to shops I'm interested in hearing about their new releases. I also don't mind joining fees for shop groups I really like. I'm weird like that. I wish I had more room for in world group slots personally as I'm not too keen on the various subscription groups. I digress though!

This is a little group gift available to Atargatis group members. Something fun and a little edgy, just how I like things! It's a lip piercing made from a fishing hook. It's currently available in the group notices for a while. If you dilly dally and miss out though by not joining the in world group, I've heard that you can get it (and lots of other prizes) from the custom 7 Seas fishing prize all new and nifty in the Atargatis waters.

Join the in world group, Atargatis or try your fishing luck here:

location: Sakura Cove
eyes: House of Ruin by Ruina Kessel
eyelashes: Magika by Sabina Gully
skin: Burning Chrome and Heartsick Skins by Amesha Jewell
hair: WAKA & Yuki by yukitan Farrjones
jewelry: Atargatis by Cheran Snook

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