Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A look into a new direction

I have been debating starting something new for awhile now. But know matter how I try, the waters always call to me. So instead of looking to see about other mythical creatures (which I still have not given up the idea of). I want have begone to expand the options in the waters of Atargatis. I have been creating jewelry, special occasion skins, poses, tops, and now ears. I have so many designs waiting to come out that this last Wednesday I set the first set of ears and a special skin for sale for 50L. It is still in the store, but the price is now 250L.

I love creating new and wonderful items and this, I hope will be something everyone can enjoy. As a bonus, I HATE trying to color match my ears to my skin. It never comes out just right and if light hits them the wrong way then they color is WAY off. So, I have teamed up with Mango Mango, and the ear bases will match the tones of those skins :)))

Mango, Mango

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Celestial Elf said...

Great Post,
thought you might like my Mermaid Queen machinima film
with Lisa Thiel's lovely song
Bright Blessings ~