Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New fins, new events, new direction for Atargatis

Yes this is my blog of NEW-ness. First thing that I am going to attempt, is my new resolution to blog more regularly (cause I know I don't write near enough in here). So I hope that you will see my nuttiness a bit more often.

Second bit of new news is more fins. For those of you that have taken part in the Hunt for the Black Pearl, the gold fin is now in assorted jewel tones. Quite pretty if I do say so myself lol. But most fun is the Instant Mermaid fin. Look close at the fin and you will see why Divergence Magic calls it Eat'd.

Last bit of news has to do with the new events and direction Atargatis is taking. Yes we are still a store in which I try to come up with new ideas and designs as fast as I can, and you are always welcome to visit the Sirens Wail Tavern for the dancing and fun mixed club activities. Where Pirates and mermaids actually get along.

Striving to make the waters here a place to enjoy, learn, and interact with friends and other species. I have added an underwater sandbox and creators pavilion. If you are just starting out with some original designs, there is a small store area here just for you.

Also some exciting events will be appearing soon. At the temple we will be having story and poetry readings. This will have featured speakers and times for anyone to share their own creativity or work they enjoy.

At the observatory/creators pavilion we will be featuring select artists in world to feature their art. I am excited to tell you that Miraculous Visions by Mirac Levenque will be one of the first artists to share with us her amazing works.

Also, I will be setting up selective times to teach some building classes in the creators pavilion.

I hope to have some awareness events soon also. If there are any other things you would like to be a part of, I invite you to send me a notecard or leave a message with the mer~greeter in the store.

Cheran Snook

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