Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fins for the whole family

I have gotten more and more requests for fins in assorted sizes which include more male and child fin designs. What most don't know it that a lot of the styles I make are really Unisex and need only slight adjustments. So to accommodate I will be adjusting many of the fins and including the accessories needed for child Av's such as adjusted tops (these can be worn by adults also) and the fins will be modifiable that need be.

I am working on a few pictures of some of the past fins to give an example of what each avatar would look like with the fin on and hope to have a demo fin in each unisex style soon. In the mean time, if I am there, don't hesitate to ask me to help. I will change shapes to model if need be, or help any troublesome adjustments.

Yes I am working on new styles still and have gotten many requests. So look for newness coming soon!

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