Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steampunk Mermaid

I have always been interested in the fun inner workings of steampunk. Not only is everything very intricate, but it shows SL basic prims at their best. Plus nothing is to wild or unusual to dream up with steampunk.

I think there is so much to explore with and RP with (if you like that). SL is so wonderful about letting try new and wonderful things, and explore these fantastic worlds. Just look at me.... a mermaid!

So in my quest for something new in my line of fins, I thought of combining these two worlds together. Now for mer and legged alike, anyone can enjoy the depths of the waters with this brand new invention. filtering air to water or water to air, exploration will never be the same!

Depending on the tide and how this is excepted by others, I may be inclined to invent more and share them with our world!

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