Friday, May 29, 2009

Myths, Legends, Tales, and Folklore

When I became a mermaid of Second Life, it was not just because the tails are so beautiful. It wasn't a childhood memory of The Little Mermaid, or my deep love of the sea and all the creatures and treasures it holds. I became a mermaid from my studies of the history behind them. The beautiful tales opened my eyes to so many new stories and new twists, that I wanted to "become" them.

As I look through pages of these stories, I watch my own mermaids story unfold in Second Life. Many of the fins I create is from my interpretation of a story I have come across. In the blog post to come I plan on not only including the history of the stories, but hopefully a fin to go with them. And I hope no one becomes offended as I take some artist license and make stories of my own from them.

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